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Current Residence: OneBolehLand
Favourite genre of music: No particular idea
Operating System: Windows 7 64-bit / (K)Ubuntu 64-bit, currently on 14.04
MP3 player of choice: My laptop
Shell of choice: /bin/bash
Wallpaper of choice: too many
Skin of choice: what skin? chicken skin?
Favourite cartoon character: Das TouMAN.
Personal Quote: I run portable on my dude
As some people might or might not have heard from me, I don't really know how to undertake commissions to save my life.

I don't really know how to handle transactions that are not based on MYR (Malaysian Ringgit), and during the times I have been rejecting commission requests was because I have no card that I can use for online transactions. Now that I do, I might be able to handle more transactions better given the available channels I can use with my debit card (such as PayPal, which I really ought to know how to use it by now).

Now the next question I'm wondering is: How should I charge for what kinds of commissions?

As much as I'd love to be ambitious in what I can offer, I'm mostly limited by time and availability (that is, when I'm not already occupied with matters outside of the canvas... including playtime, heh heh).

And of course, whether I'm interested in whatever I'm being asked to do.

... Looking at my somewhat barren and rarely-updated deviantArt page, I suppose it'll be ages before anyone notices this, no?

Plus I think my skills are going rusty yet again due to too much focus on schoolwork. Solo final year animation projects done within the schedule of a group work is a no-no, so if you happen to be taking an animation course and your final year project can be done in groups, do it in groups. Because you're going to be given a production timeline fitting for group work and doing solo isn't really fun when you want to have some time off it. As in, days where you just can forget you have a pending project at all.


KanColle: Peeled Banana
Bismarck: "A-Admiral. It's dangerous to have a main cannon exposed like that without protection. W-we must do maintenance often."
Zuikaku: (Admiral-san's banana...)
Maya: "Oooh! This is the first time I saw it like that! Totally different from the books!"


Someone from my native region would probably understand this joke, or maybe not.

Not that I want them to look at it and figure it out anyway.
KanColle: Pan-paka-pan Vs Wolf

Caption (Atago): "The Atago who arrived as the Admiral's first Heavy Cruiser but was neglected by him, and looks at him (as he interacts with other shipgirls) with jealousy."
Atago: "It's always Ashigara-san or Tone-san every single time. That's so unfair. And Maya-chan and Choukai-chan too. That's so unfair."

Caption (Ashigara): "The Ashigara who has been in the Admiral's care (read: sending her off to outings) from the moment she arrived at the base till now; makes the Admiral her topic of conversation when going to mixers; finally realizes her own feelings after being scolded heavily by her sister Myoukou."
Ashigara: "N-no way... I've always been thinking of Admiral in that way? Is this what they call... 'awakening of love?' My... love?"


Long-ass title: "The first heavy cruiser who arrived at my naval base versus the one who registered as the third heavy cruiser to arrive in my databook, yet there's such a disparaging difference of treatment between these two one of them is clearly unhappy over it."

By the way Tone was my second CA right after Atago, and she's now a Lv.98 CAV. Just a bit more and I'll have one more kanmusu to ponder about whether I should give the ring to, but character-wise I don't really feel any affinity for her. Yet.

Sorry Atago, but unless you have more lines to speak of (*cough*hourliesandmaybeaKaiNi*coughlecough*) you're a permanent reserve. Until then my impression of you will be that of a bubbly (read: somewhat of a bimbo) blonde cruiser in my registry.
KanColle: Heavy Cruiser Atago
Atago: "Geez~ there's no running away anywhere now, Admiral~♪"

The Atago who is angry because she's the Admiral's first heavy cruiser yet got sidelined by Tone and Ashigara who came after her (also because the Admiral pays too much attention to them in her viewpoint).

Flavor text aside. It's been a while since I did something like this, and I really need to do more. Also trying out some new things like actually doing the shipgirl riggings (HURYSHET I FINALLY BOTHERED DOING MECHANICAL PARTS!) and a simple background for once.

Also Krita 3.0 yay.
KanColle: Spring Hunt for A Certain Destroyer
AKA Teruzuki get! Half of my Summer 2015 regret resolved. All that's left is to either give that one boss some... "tender loving"... or lob a fist into her face.

KanColle: Spring 2016 - These Two F'ing Girls

BB Hime, Aircraft Carrier Hime:


BB Hime, Aircraft Carrier Hime:
...we're being hated ;_;

... They're always in events ever since their debut in hopes of finding an Admiral willing enough to, er, command them. Ehem.

Will you? Don't ask me about that, though. In your eyes they might be the annoying beefcakes that's in the way of your goal, but for me they're freaking molesters. ... Don't ask me about my experiences with them, either. :iconshifty-eyesplz:

Also, as how the event for me:

E1-N - This map is telling me to start conserving a lot of my resources...
E2-N, then pulled out of Last Dance and cleared on E2-E - ... which I paid for dearly
E3-E - Probably the most relaxing transport mission I ever had ever since the introduction of Transport Combined fleet
E4-E - Hello Heavy Cruiser Princess, meet again boatloads of your little friends under the surface - OXYGEN TORPEDOES - courtesy of Abukuma and co - AGAIN!!!
E6-E - By doing this map you probably should know what my final end goal for the event is (*cough*iwannasomeburgers*cough*). Unfortunately I ran out of ammo for this map twice and cleared in like 4 tries after the whole debuff thing. Zuiun+Divebomber Nuking (support and airstrike) only helped me disable the boss enough to grant me two straight turns in night battle...
E-7E - Thanks to land-based air support this was delicious cake enough. Compared to its previous abomination of a map... still the airstrikes only helped disable her in night battle, but that was enough for me to make good out of it. I had intended to get only that one ship reward, but Harukaze dropped too! Best event ending last dance ever.
E5-E - "German Rawket Lawnchairs on your DDs or get the eff out, also we have golden Ru-classes for you to enjoy your battle with while being under Air Denial/Incapability :^))))))))))))" - Devs(?), 2016?


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