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HonooNoKarite's Profile Picture
Ayy lmao etc.

I should seriously start a series, I guess.
As some people might or might not have heard from me, I don't really know how to undertake commissions to save my life.

I don't really know how to handle transactions that are not based on MYR (Malaysian Ringgit), and during the times I have been rejecting commission requests was because I have no card that I can use for online transactions. Now that I do, I might be able to handle more transactions better given the available channels I can use with my debit card (such as PayPal, which I really ought to know how to use it by now).

Now the next question I'm wondering is: How should I charge for what kinds of commissions?

As much as I'd love to be ambitious in what I can offer, I'm mostly limited by time and availability (that is, when I'm not already occupied with matters outside of the canvas... including playtime, heh heh).

And of course, whether I'm interested in whatever I'm being asked to do.

... Looking at my somewhat barren and rarely-updated deviantArt page, I suppose it'll be ages before anyone notices this, no?

Plus I think my skills are going rusty yet again due to too much focus on schoolwork. Solo final year animation projects done within the schedule of a group work is a no-no, so if you happen to be taking an animation course and your final year project can be done in groups, do it in groups. Because you're going to be given a production timeline fitting for group work and doing solo isn't really fun when you want to have some time off it. As in, days where you just can forget you have a pending project at all.


KanColle: [ I. FOUND. YOU! ]
... Would be great if that was the case for this year's Summer 2017 event for KanColle.

But I guess I now have a new prey.

Who also sports quite one hell of a BGM I'd play my own music to fight with.
Two can play the "Scare the shit out of the other guy" game, you Abyssals.

Well, this doesn't mean I'm off my grudge against this one certain Hime yet.

... Actually this should have context behind it as this was drawn quite some time ago, but I'd rather pop new things out at a pace which, if I have to compare, like how writers can write pages upon pages at a time. Despite knowing that I'm drawing things as opposed to writing, which should really take a longer time to finish.

But now I just want to feel like being very, very intimidating to bad guys or something.
KanColle: Shoutout to Admiral Guin Guin
... for his amusing KanColle (with a mix of Assassin's Creed) comics!…

I guess I should go back to doing event comics. Summer 2017's coming up, and I'm prepping real hard for it... maybe.

(But before that anyone can donate me at least 10 additional ship slots? ._. )

Done in Medibang. ... Maybe I should adapt some workflows I picked up while using it into Krita. But overall I'm pretty happy with Medibang, though the lack of a Linux version despite using Qt5 (a pretty Linux-friendly UI toolkit) and being cross-platform across Windows, Mac, iOS and Android bothers me a bit.
Random: Medibang exercise no. 2
AKA "that one fiery ponytails girl I keep drawing every time I want an original work."

... Wow, finally something else other than KanColle... but I think at this point I really need to revise her portrayal everytime I decide to make her pop up in my "list of things I did."

Embarking on a quest to understanding better comic toning via Medibang. So far I like how Medibang handles its halftones. Wish it was that simple in Krita... but eh, let's just let the devs develop it at their pace. Krita in my mind is still a great contribution for the graphic tablet-wielding portions of the Linux community.
KanColle: Graf Zeppelin (Medibang Exercise 1)
"Admiral, we haven't had enough skinship lately, I'm getting worried about you. Come, and rub this (note: :eyes:) even if it's just for a bit. Calm your heart, and continue your work after that."


Normally I would just Krita this away but then there's this app called Jump Paint... which I later found out to be the same app as Medibang Paint Pro. So in my curiosity I decided to try it out anyway.

... I'd use it for comicking. Yep. So in short: Medibang's pretty cool. Since it was built with Qt 5 I wonder if they could be helpful enough to make a Linux port... (which ain't happening anytime soon but I can dream)
KanColle: The Fleet Carriers
Since I'm getting quite fed up with the continued lack of a deviantArt feature to submit a stack of images that act as a "slideshow story" as a comic I decided to try submitting them within a stack in instead.

Pixiv has this feature where you can submit a sequence of images where your submission can essentially act as a kami-shibai (literal reading 'paper play', proper translation being 'picture story show' according to rikaikun) that is accessible to all users and I find it very convenient when I want to present the story that way.

Now let's get down to the story: Apparently I love my battleships way too much and I don't give the other group of my heavy-hitters, the standard fleet carriers (CV/Bs), enough attention. So...

(Actually in-game I do tend to forget I have them at all save for some select ones I often sortie. ... Yes, Unryuu, Aquila, I am looking at you two.)

Not pictured: Unryuu being smug as hell because she is literally my second CV after Akagi that I managed to get.

All right, enough prattle: Comic link.


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